Student Intern Program: J-1 Exchange Visitor

The J-1 Student Intern Category

UConn may sponsor the J-1 visa for international students currently enrolled in degree programs overseas to come to UConn for the purpose of completing an internship that fulfills an objective of their home degree program. These exchange visitors will be sponsored in the Student Intern visa category. This category carries certain extra restrictions and extra responsibilities on the part of the department, beyond the standard visiting scholar eligibility criteria and hosting department responsibilities.

Student Intern Eligibility:

  • The internship activity may not consist of more than 20% clerical work
  • The internship must be full time (minimum 32 hours per week)
  • The internship at UConn must fulfill an academic objective of the student’s home University degree
  • The intern must plan on returning home after completing the internship to finish the degree.
  • The intern must be enrolled in a degree program at an accredited institution outside the United States
  • The intern may not engage in any clinical work or position involving patient care/contact
  • The internship may be unpaid, but the student intern’s medical insurance must be equivalent to the University’s  worker’s compensation policy.
  • Maximum internship duration: 12 months


Internship Evaluations

The UConn internship supervisor must agree to provide an evaluation of the intern activities at mid-point (for internships lasting longer than six months) and upon conclusion of the internship. The J-1 Student Intern Evaluation Form (ISSS 261) must be submitted to within the one week period prior to the midpoint (for internships longer than six months) and the conclusion (all internships). ISSS will email the department a reminder when the midpoint and concluding evaluations are due.