New Program/Major Change

UConn Students Starting a New Program 

Current Students Changing or Adding Majors

UConn Students Starting a New Program

If you are currently a UConn F-1 student and you will start a new academic program at UConn, ISSS will issue an updated Form I-20 for you. You must submit a Change Education Level Request record to request the new Form I-20.

Request a Change Education Level I-20/DS-2019 if you are currently a UConn student and you will:

  • Begin a new program at UConn after completing your current program.
  • Begin a new program at a different degree level while finishing up your prior program (new program is your primary program of study)
  • Withdraw from your current degree program and start a new program in the next semester. Graduate students only.  You must gain admission to your new program, and complete the Change Education Level Record to request a new I-20, before you withdraw from your current program.  If you withdraw mid-semester, or if you withdraw before obtaining admission to a new program and a new Form I-20, then your SEVIS record could be subject to termination.  Students taking a terminal Master’s should use the Major/Minor Change notification form below, NOT the Change Education Level Request record.

Please complete the online request AFTER you have been admitted to your new program.

You must prepare and upload 1) a new Financial Declaration Form, 2) proof of available funding for at least the first year of your new program and 3) for Grad Students only proof of admission to your new degree program (upload matriculation letter to Change Education Level Request). If you start the application, and cannot finish, do not create a new application. Log in to the ISSS Portal to continue your existing application.



Deadline to apply:
You must request your new I-20 within one month after completing your first UConn program. The new program must begin within five months after completing your first program, or in the next available start term, whichever comes first.

If you are currently on post-completion OPT, you must request the new Form I-20 within one month after completing your post-completion OPT, and the new program must begin within five months after your last day of employment, or the next available academic term, whichever comes first.

J-1 Exchange Visitors: If you are a J-1 exchange visitor, consult with your ISSS advisor to find out if you may study in additional programs under your exchange visitor program.

Current Students Changing or Adding Majors

If you are an F-1 student and you are making a change to your current program, submit the Major/Minor Change Notification record to request a new I-20.

Request an updated I-20 if you are:

  • Changing majors or minors (Undergraduates)
  • Adding additional programs, majors or minors (e.g. second Master’s degree, graduate certificate, adding a major).
  • Changing or adding concentrations (Graduate Students)
  • Enrolling in a dual degree program
  • Changing degree from PhD to terminal Master’s (F-1 students only)

Submit this request after making the change to your current program, and within 10 days after making the change. In some cases, ISSS will not issue a new Form I-20 (e.g. adding a minor or adding a Graduate Certificate). However, you should still notify ISSS of the academic program change. If a new I-20 is issued, we will contact you when your Form is ready for pick up.

J-1 students: J-1 students must consult with an ISSS advisor before making any changes to their academic program. Changes may not be permitted under the J-1 visa regulations.