Fulbright Visiting Scholars and Research Students

Fulbright Visiting Scholars and Visiting Research Students come to UConn through a similar process as visiting scholars and research students whose visas are sponsored by UConn. However, Fulbright issues the Form DS-2019 and provides the visiting scholar with all visa and immigration advising. Hosting academic departments are responsible for providing primary logistical support and an academic home to your visitors. ISSS can assist with the required Fulbright pre-arrival paperwork and help you navigate the process to onboard your visitor. We also provide important information and resources to your Fulbright Visiting Scholar or Research Student to help them settle in to life in Connecticut. 

Before Arrival

Institutional Reply Form: After you accept a Fulbright Visiting Scholar or Research Student to your department, the Fulbright program will send the host department and/or ISSS the Institutional Reply Form for completion. If it was only sent to the host department, please forward this form to Catherine.barachkova@uconn.edu, ISSS Advisor, before completing. ISSS will complete the fields relevant to all visiting scholars or research students at UConn, and return to the host department to complete the fields specific to the academic department. 

Gratis Appointment Smart HR Transaction: The department should issue a gratis appointment and submit the Smart HR Transaction with offer letter uploaded into the system, in order to generate a Net ID/Email Address for the visiting scholar or visiting research student. If you are hosting a visiting research student, use the Visiting Student payroll title. The department should do this as soon as possible to ensure they will have their Net ID upon arrival.

ISSS Portal Profile:  ISSS will create a profile for your Fulbright visiting scholar or research student in the ISSS Portal.  With a profile in the ISSS Portal, ISSS can send important pre-arrival information to your visitor, and they will receive other updates and communications for students and scholars at UConn. 

Housing and Transportation: While hosting departments are not responsible for securing housing for your visiting scholar or research student, you should ensure that the scholar has somewhere to live that is accessible to campus without a car. ISSS will share the resources on UConn’s Off Campus Housing Services webpage with your visitor, but any additional assistance you can provide with housing and or transportation needs is appreciated.

After Arrival

Check-In at ISSS: Your visiting scholar or research student should visit ISSS on Thursday afternoon at 2 pm to complete check-in and attend scholar orientation.

Academic Orientation: The host department should ensure that your visitor has obtained their Net ID and email address, and conduct any training required by the university or the department. Please be sure to include your visiting scholar or research student in the life and activities of the academic department, and provide your visitor with opportunities for cross-cultural exchange.