Study Requirements

Enrollment Requirements

To maintain your F-1/J-1 visa status, you must
  • study on a full time basis toward your program
  • finish your program by the program end date listed on your Form I-20/DS-2019
How many credits must I register for each semester?
Bachelor’s: 12 credits LLM/SJD: 9 credits
Master’s/PhD:  9 credits (without an assistantship) JD: 12 credits
 6 credits (with an assistantship) UCAELI: 22 hours/week
Exchange/non-degree:  12 credits (Bachelor’s), 9 credits (Master’s/PhD)

Online Courses

F-1 Students: Only one online course per semester may count towards meeting your minimum registration requirement. If it is your final semester and you only have one course remaining, it cannot be an online course unless you intend to finish your program outside of the U.S. or on a different visa type. J-1 Students: No online courses may count towards meeting your minimum registration requirement.

Academic Support for International Students

Use the University’s Academic Resources – UConn provides many on-campus resources to help UConn student succeed academically. Visit On Campus Resources to learn about further academic resources at your campus.