Defer or Cancel I-20/DS-2019

All international students are required to inform UConn and ISSS of changes to your study plans. There are two options for students who are not able to attend UConn for the term they have been admitted:

1 – Defer your Admission to a future term and defer the start date on your Form I-20/DS-2019

2 – Cancel/Withdraw your Admission and your Form I-20/DS-2019

See procedures for both options below.

Defer I-20/DS-2019

Delaying your campus arrival to a later term?  Be sure to request admission deferral from your UConn Admissions office and seek SEVIS Defer from ISSS to update your I-20 form.

  1. Request Academic Deferral from your Admissions Office and Academic Program:Undergraduate Students --> Email to confirm eligibility.
    Graduate Students -->  See here.   With approval from your admitted program, you may defer your admission up to 1 full academic year from when your application was submitted.A request of a deferral should be made through the Accounts & Forms area of your Application Status page.
  2. Request an updated Form I-20/DS-2019 with a new program start date by clicking the request button below:
    When prompted to select a term after login, select your new arrival term.  Failure to submit the SEVIS Defer Request will result in F-1/J-1 Automatic SEVIS Cancelation by the reporting deadline.

SEVIS Defer - Request to Change I-20/DS-2019 Start Date


Cancel I-20/DS-2019

No longer planning to attend UConn?  

  1. Inform ISSS

    Simply email with your updated plans for the semester.  ISSS will update your F-1/J-1 SEVIS Record following your academic status update accordingly.NOTE: Withdraw from classes prior to semester start if you will cancel admission.  The add/drop period through the tenth day of classes is only available to students who will remain enrolled throughout the semester. Students who drop down to zero credits are subject to the university refund schedule.  

  2. Inform Your Academic Program and/or UConn Designated Office

    Undergraduate Students --> Email for instructions.

    Graduate Students -->  See here .  A request of a deferral or an application withdrawal should be made through the Accounts & Forms area of your Application Status page

Contact with any questions.  We wish you much luck with your future endeavors!