International Student Orientation @ UConn

Which Orientation Do I Attend?


UConn offers many orientation programs to new students- you are required to attend some orientation programs, while others are optional.  Please use the chart below to find out more information about your orientation programs. This list does not include all orientations – for example, if you are a graduate student, your academic program or academic department might also require you to attend a departmental orientation.


 Campus/Degree Undergraduate Students All Graduate Students Graduate Students with  Teaching Assistantships Exchange Students
Storrs January 20

International Undergraduate Orientation


January 16

Graduate School Orientation


January 17

Storrs International Graduate Orientation

January 16 (a.m.)

TA Orientation

Date to be Determined

ITAP Orientation

January  20

Incoming Exchange Orientation

GBLC Week of January 12

MSBAPM Orientation

Contact your program for orientation details.

Stamford January 

MSBAPM Orientation

Contact your program for orientation details.

Law School January 15-17

LLM and Exchange Orientation

Hartford, Avery Point, Waterbury Various Dates

Regional Campus Orientation*

*Orientation may occur before new students may enter the U.S. with the Form I-20. ISSS will hold a meeting at the beginning of the semester to cover visa and other international student requirements.


Contact your ISSS Advisor to inquire about meeting date.