SEVIS Transfer To UConn

A student who comes to UConn after studying at another U.S. school can maintain valid F-1/J-1 visa status through the SEVIS transfer process. A SEVIS transfer happens when your current school gives your new school (UConn) access to your SEVIS record, and then UConn can issue a Form I-20/DS-2019 for you.

If you qualify for a SEVIS transfer, you keep the same SEVIS number and you may remain in the U.S. during the time between programs. The international office at your current school should advise you on whether you are eligible for a SEVIS transfer to UConn. Tell your current school's international office about your plans to attend UConn before you request your I-20/DS-2019 from UConn.


Eligibility for SEVIS Transfer

  1. Admitted to an academic program at the University of Connecticut.
  2. Your current school must transfer your SEVIS record before the end of your 60-day grace period.
  3. Your UConn program must begin within 5 months of your last date of study or OPT work if you will stay in the U.S. between programs.
  4. You must maintain your legal F-1/J-1 status prior to transferring.  If your current SEVIS record is not in “active” status, your DSO/ARO at your current school should contact UConn International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) before transfer.
  5. J-1 Students must consult with their current ARO and UConn International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) before requesting transfer of SEVIS record to confirm transfer eligibility.


Transfer Process

  1. Receive admission the University of Connecticut.
  2. Ask your current school to transfer your active F-1 SEVIS record by the transfer deadline to the correct UConn SEVIS school (campus) code (see campus table below). J-1 Students: Ask the international office at your current school to contact UConn International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) regarding your SEVIS transfer timing.  *UConn does not have a Transfer In form requirement.
  3. Submit your I-20/DS-2019 request in the ISSS portal.  Select "YES" when asked, "Are you transferring your SEVIS record (I-20/DS-2019 form) to UConn?"
  4. Choose your designated UConn SEVIS school (campus) code.  PLEASE NOTE:  The University of Connecticut has multiple campuses and SEVIS school codes.  Please choose the appropriate school code based on the campus of your admission (see admission letter & campus code table below).
  5. F-1 students: UConn will process a “transfer pending” I-20.  UConn cannot issue your form I-20 until the transfer release date.  If you are traveling between programs, you will need your transfer pending I-20 to reenter the U.S.
  6. J-1 students: ISSS will process a new Form DS-2019 for your UConn program. If you are traveling outside the U.S. between programs, you will need your new DS-2019 to reenter the U.S.
UConn Campus SEVIS School Code Programs Included
Storrs BOS214F10146000 Doctorate, Master’s, Bachelor’s, Language Training/ESL (UCAELI)
Stamford BOS214F10146001 Stamford MS BAPM, MSFRM, Fin Tech, Bachelor’s
Hartford BOS214F10146006 MSW, MPA, Bachelor’s
Graduate Business Learning Center BOS214F10146008 Hartford MS BAPM, MSFRM, Fin Tech & MBA
Law School BOS214F10146004 All Law Programs
Waterbury BOS214F10146003 Bachelor’s
Avery Point BOS214F10146002 Doctorate, Master’s, Bachelor’s
J-1 Program P-1-00710 Doctorate, Master’s

Students on Post Completion OPT

If you are on post-completion OPT through another school and gain admission to UConn, your old school can transfer your SEVIS record to UConn if you meet the standard transfer eligibility criteria. Your OPT will end and your EAD cannot be used from the date that your old school releases your SEVIS record to UConn. Please plan accordingly.

Students with Inactive SEVIS records

If your SEVIS record is currently in TERMINATED, COMPLETED, INVALID or NO SHOW status, please do not ask your current school to transfer your SEVIS record.  Please ask your current DSO/ARO (International Advisor) to contact International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) at 860-486-3855 or to discuss your record.