Who is my ISSS Advisor?

Find your ISSS advisor or program liaison by campus and program.

Avery Point Campus

Academic Major/Department Advisor
All students, scholars Neena Kapoor

Hartford Campus – Graduate Business Learning Center – School of Public Policy – School of Social Work

Academic Major/Department Advisor
All students and scholars Neena Kapoor

School of Law

Academic Major/Department Advisor
All students, scholars Leslie Lawrence

Stamford Campus

Academic Major/Department Advisor
All students, scholars Lulu Dong

Storrs Campus – Special Programs

Academic Major/Department Advisor
Exchange Students Nadine Boudissa
GTDI MOU Students Based on academic major (see table below)
UCAELI Huong Pham
UConn First Summer Annie Casarella

Storrs Campus

Academic Major/Department - Visiting Scholars Advisor
J-1 Visiting Scholars, All Departments
Catherine Barachkova
Academic Major/Department - Students Advisor
Accounting Annie Casarella
ACES/Exploratory/Undecided Annie Casarella
Acting Huong Pham
Actuarial Science Huong Pham
Actuarial Science-Finance Huong Pham
Advanced Manufacturing for Energy Systems (AMES) Nadine Boudissa
Africana Studies Huong Pham
Agricultural and Resource Economics Annie Casarella
Allied Health Sciences Annie Casarella
American Studies Huong Pham
Analytics & Information Management (formerly MIS) Annie Casarella
Animal Science Annie Casarella
Anthropology Huong Pham
Applied and Resource Economics Annie Casarella
Applied Biochemistry and Cell Biology Annie Casarella
Applied Data Analysis Nadine Boudissa
Applied Financial Mathematics Huong Pham
Applied Financial Mathematics-Actuarial Science Huong Pham
Applied Genomics Annie Casarella
Applied Mathematics Huong Pham
Applied Microbial Systems Analysis Annie Casarella
Arabic and Islamic Studies Nadine Boudissa
Art Huong Pham
Art, General Program in Art Huong Pham
Art History Huong Pham
Arts Leadership & Cultural Management Huong Pham
Athletic Training Annie Casarella
Behavioral Neuroscience Annie Casarella
Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Huong Pham
Biological Sciences Huong Pham
Biomedical Engineering Nadine Boudissa
Biostatistics Annie Casarella
Business Administration Annie Casarella
Chemical Engineering Nadine Boudissa
Chemistry Nadine Boudissa
Chinese Nadine Boudissa
Civil Engineering Nadine Boudissa
Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies Nadine Boudissa
Clinical Psychology Huong Pham
Cognitive Science Huong Pham
Cognition, Instruction & Learning Technology Annie Casarella
Communication Huong Pham
Computer Engineering Nadine Boudissa
Computer Science Nadine Boudissa
Computer Science and Engineering Nadine Boudissa
Counselor Education & Counseling Psychology Annie Casarella
Curriculum and Instruction (Education) Annie Casarella
Data Science Nadine Boudissa
Design and Technical Theatre Huong Pham
Diagnostic Genetic Sciences Annie Casarella
Dietetics Annie Casarella
Digital Media & Design Huong Pham
Dramatic Arts Huong Pham
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Huong Pham
Ecological Psychology Huong Pham
Economics Huong Pham
Economics of Sustainable Development and Management Annie Casarella
Education (including Pre-Teaching) Annie Casarella
Education Administration Annie Casarella
Educational Psychology Annie Casarella
Earth Science (formerly Geoscience) Annie Casarella
Earth Science Education Annie Casarella
Electrical Engineering Nadine Boudissa
Elementary Education Annie Casarella
Engineering Physics Nadine Boudissa
English Nadine Boudissa
Environmental Engineering Nadine Boudissa
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Annie Casarella
Environmental Sciences Annie Casarella
Environmental Studies Annie Casarella
Exchange Students - Storrs Nadine Boudissa
Exercise Science Annie Casarella
Finance Annie Casarella
Financial Mathematics Huong Pham
French Nadine Boudissa
General Studies Annie Casarella
Geographic Information Science Huong Pham
Geography Huong Pham
German Nadine Boudissa
Giftedness, Creativity & Talent Annie Casarella
Health Care Genetics Annie Casarella
Health Promotion Sciences Annie Casarella
Healthcare Management Annie Casarella
Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) Annie Casarella
History Nadine Boudissa
Human Development and Family Studies Huong Pham
Human Rights Huong Pham
Individualized Major Annie Casarella
International Studies Huong Pham
Intersectional Indigeneity, Race, Ethnicity, and Politics Huong Pham
Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Annie Casarella
Italian Literary and Cultural Studies Nadine Boudissa
Jazz and Jazz Studies Huong Pham
Journalism Huong Pham
Judaic Studies Nadine Boudissa
Kinesiology/Exercise Science Annie Casarella
Landscape Architecture Annie Casarella
Language and Cognition Huong Pham
Latino and Latin American Studies Huong Pham
Leadership and Public Management Huong Pham
Linguistics Huong Pham
Linguistics/Philosophy Huong Pham
Linguistics/Psychology Huong Pham
Literary Translation Nadine Boudissa
Literatures, Cultures and Languages Nadine Boudissa
Management Annie Casarella
Management and Engineering for Manufacturing Nadine Boudissa
Marine Sciences Neena Kapoor
Maritime Studies Neena Kapoor
Marketing Annie Casarella
Master of Engineering - Global Entrepreneurship Nadine Boudissa
Materials Science   Nadine Boudissa
Materials Science and Engineering Nadine Boudissa
Mathematics (including Mathematics-Physics and Mathematics-Statistics) Huong Pham
Mathematics Education Annie Casarella
Mechanical Engineering Nadine Boudissa
Medical Laboratory Sciences Annie Casarella
Medieval Studies Nadine Boudissa
Molecular and Cell Biology Annie Casarella
Music and Music History Huong Pham
Music Performance (Instrumental and Vocal) Huong Pham
Music Theory Huong Pham
Natural Resources Annie Casarella
Natural Resources and the Environment Annie Casarella
Neurosciences Annie Casarella
Nursing Annie Casarella
Nutritional Sciences Annie Casarella
Oceanography Neena Kapoor
Pathobiology Annie Casarella
Pathobiology and Veterinary Science Annie Casarella
Pharmaceutical Sciences Annie Casarella
Pharmacy Studies Annie Casarella
PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) Annie Casarella
Philosophy Nadine Boudissa
Physical Therapy Annie Casarella
Physics Nadine Boudissa
Physiology and Neurobiology Annie Casarella
Plant Science and Landscape Architecture Annie Casarella
Political Science Huong Pham
Polymer Science Nadine Boudissa
Psychological Sciences Huong Pham
Puppet Arts Huong Pham
Quantitative Economics Huong Pham
Ratcliffe Hicks Annie Casarella
Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies Annie Casarella
Research Methods, Measurement & Evaluation Annie Casarella
Robotics Engineering Nadine Boudissa
School Psychology Annie Casarella
Social Psychology Huong Pham
Sociology Huong Pham
Spanish Nadine Boudissa
Special Education Annie Casarella
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Nadine Boudissa
Sport Management/Pre-Sport Management Annie Casarella
Statistical Data Science/Pre-Statistical Data Science Annie Casarella
Statistics Annie Casarella
Structural Biology and Biophysics Huong Pham
Surgical Neurophysiology Annie Casarella
Sustainable Plant and Soil Systems Annie Casarella
Theatre Studies Huong Pham
Urban and Community Studies Huong Pham
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Huong Pham


Waterbury Campus

Academic Major/Department Advisor
All students and scholars Lulu Dong