International Sponsored Students

This page refers to sponsored students who come to UConn through a funding agency’s visa sponsorship. Examples include Fulbright, IIE, Amideast, USAID, IREX, DAAD, and other sponsoring agencies who issue the DS-2019 forms for a J-1 visa. Although UConn does not sponsor the visa for these students, ISSS can still provide helpful resources and information to help your sponsored students succeed at UConn. 


Your sponsored students may fall under one of the following categories: 


Matriculating Graduate Students

Incoming Fulbright Foreign Students are fully enrolled students in UConn graduate degree programs. Please visit this webpage for more detailed information on the incoming Fulbright student process, and contact Meg Drakos at the Graduate School with any questions. The Graduate School can also answer questions on the admission process for international matriculating graduate students who come through other sponsoring organizations.  
Sponsored Student/Scholar Registration


Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTAs)

FLTAs enroll as non-degree students while teaching language courses for their hosting academic department.  We want to know who your FLTA’s are! Please direct your students to complete the Sponsored Student/Scholar Notification Form as soon as their arrangements are finalized and they are enrolled in classes (they need a NetID to access the form). ISSS can provide your department’s FLTA with resources on moving to the U.S. and adjusting to life at UConn, and include them on communication that goes out to international students.  
Sponsored Student/Scholar Registration


After matriculation, but before arrival, your sponsored student should submit the Sponsored Student/Scholar Registration through the ISSS website. When they have completed this form, they will receive important pre-arrival information from ISSS, including orientation information, and we will add them to our student listserv. 

Sponsored Student/Scholar Registration

After arrival, your sponsored student will need to Submit their Arrival Documents within the first 30 days of the semester.