Host a Visiting Scholar


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International Student and Scholar Services provides J-1 visa sponsorship to visiting scholars and students who are invited to UConn for research, teaching, consulting, interning, observing or demonstrating special knowledge or skills. J-1 visa holders are called exchange visitors. 

The University defines a visiting scholar as an expert in an academic discipline or disciplines with a short-term residency at UConn for mutual intellectual enrichment and collaboration.  

A visiting research student or student intern typically visits UConn while enrolled in a program of study outside the U.S., to conduct research or an internship at UConn for their home degree program. 

Exchange visitors may be paid employees of UConn, but the primary objective of the visit should be cultural exchange. The UConn Office of the General Counsel provides information on visa sponsorship for international employees who do not qualify for the J-1 exchange visitor visa. 

Review programs for visiting scholars, research students, and interns. 


Form DS-2019

Before your exchange visitor can apply for their visa, ISSS must issue a Form DS-2019 for the visitor. These pages outline how academic hosting departments request a Form DS-2019 from ISSS, and rules and responsibilities for hosting departments and exchange visitors during the exchange program. 


Sample Invitation Letter

Most visiting scholars, research students and student interns will have official paid or gratis positions submitted through payroll. This is required for your visitor to have access to the University IT network. Sometimes the nature of an exchange visit does not require access to a University email address or the network. Other times, your incoming exchange visitor may require UConn to send an invitation letter before the official offer letter can be issued. In both of these instances, departments may use ISSS 275 Scholar Invitation Template Letter