Amend Start Date: J-1 Exchange Visitor

If your incoming exchange visitor is unable to arrive by the program start date listed in the UConn offer letter and in the Form DS-2019, the hosting department must notify ISSS before original intended start date, using this online form to request an amended Form DS-2019.

Choosing New Dates: Please work with your incoming scholar to determine a reasonable new program start date before submitting this request to ISSS. Remember that the program start date does not have to equal the arrival date; the exchange visitor may still arrive up to 30 days prior to the start date. However they may not begin their scholarly activity until the start date listed in the offer letter.

New Offer Letter: You must upload an amended offer letter with the new program dates into this form to complete the request. Remember to adjust the end date accordingly, if applicable. ISSS will contact you when the new DS-2019 is ready for pick up.

Do I Mail the New Form to the Exchange Visitor? If your exchange visitor has not yet applied for the visa, send the new Form DS-2019 for the visa appointment. If the exchange visitor has already applied for the visa, and will arrive more than 2 weeks after the original intended start date, send the new DS-2019 to the exchange visitor for travel to the U.S. If the exchange visitor has applied for the visa, but will arrive within 2 weeks of the original intended start date, then they can travel with the old form and can pick up the new Form DS-2019 from the department upon arrival


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