Request DS-2019

An admin user will request a DS-2019 for an incoming scholar or research student/intern by completing a visa sponsorship request through the UConn Scholar/Employee Portal. The admin user is typically an administrative support staff person for the department, school, center or institute.  If you need access to the UConn Scholar/Employee portal, email

Step 1: Submit an Initial Visa Sponsorship Request.  

ISSS Scholar/Employee Portal Login
Log into the UConn Scholar/Employee portal to submit the initial J-1 visa sponsorship request at least 7 weeks prior to the start date listed on your exchange visitor’s offer letter.  Submissions received with a start date earlier than 7 weeks may be rejected. In some cases ISSS may recommend a later start date, even if submitted 7 weeks in advance, if we think the visa process may take longer. Contact ISSS to discuss any special circumstances.  

What you will need to know: 

  • The exchange visitor’s passport name and email address
  • The proposed start and end dates, and proposed visa type (J or H)
  • The Hiring Authority (Name of faculty sponsor and department, institute, school or center hosting or employing the exchange visitor)
  • Whether the exchange visitor is paid or unpaid
  • Approximate hours per week of scholarly activity
  • Whether the exchange visitor has ever had a J-1 or J-2 visa in the past

Step 2: Department and Exchange Visitor complete their sections of the DS-2019 request.

ISSS will review the visa sponsorship request, and if the exchange visitor appears to be eligible for J-1, ISSS will send an email to you and to your incoming exchange visitor. You will each be prompted to log in to the UConn Scholar/Employee portal to submit further information. 

For this part of the application, you will need to know: 

  • Name and contact information for the faculty member hosting or supervising the visitor
  • The primary work site of your exchange visitor (site of activity) and any secondary sites of activity, if known
  • The nature of the exchange visitor’s academic activity (e.g. research, teaching, interning)
  • The proposed J-1 visa category – use this chart to determine, noting the program restrictions/limitations. 
  • Whether the position will involve any clinical work, patient care or contact.
  • The exchange visitor’s academic qualifications.
  • Whether the exchange visitor is currently in the U.S. with a J-1/J-2 visa
  • Whether UConn has received government funding to support this visitor for international exchange purposes 

Upload with your request:

  • Signed UConn offer letter on letterhead.  Contact Jessica Lowery-Manning or Ellen Lowe in payroll to request a temporary National ID number to process the Smart HR transaction for exchange visitors without a Social Security Number.  For unpaid visitors, issue a UConn Gratis Appointment offer letter, see Gratis Appointment in the “Letters Issued Outside of Page Up”, be sure to use a valid Special Payroll title. Please submit a Gratis SmartHR transaction along with the signed offer letter so that your exchange visitor can obtain their NetID and UConn email address in time to begin their program.  
    • J-1 Department Packet signed by hosting faculty member and department head. 
    • Check your file size before uploading documents. ISSS staff cannot open/view documents in the portal that are too large.  Please keep documents under 1 MB or 1000 KB.  Review our Guide to Reduce PDF File Size for information on how to create smaller files for upload.

    Exchange visitors who are coming to complete an internship for their home country degree program also require the following Student Intern forms:

    Your exchange visitor must upload:

    • Current CV or Resume
    • Proof of funding support for their program
    • Passport for themselves, and passports for accompanying dependents, if any.
    • Your exchange visitor must also complete the biographical fields in the Exchange Visitor information tab.

    Step 3: Submit Your Request to ISSS

    When all fields in the Department and EV sections have been completed, and all necessary documents uploaded, click the “Submit to ISSS Admin” button in the upper right hand of the Scholar Portal. This will notify ISSS that your submission is complete and ready for review and processing.  This will also lock your application so no more edits can be made.

    Submit to ISSS Admin Button Demonstration

    Step 4: ISSS Processes your Request and Notifies when DS-2019 is Ready for Pick Up

    ISSS will review your application and contact you or the exchange visitor if any information is missing. During this time, ISSS may review your request with the Office of the Vice President for Research for export control compliance.  ISSS notifies the admin user by email when the Form DS-2019 is ready for pick-up, and sends your exchange visitor an email with important pre-arrival information. Please mail the Form DS-2019 to your exchange visitor using an express, trackable mail service. The U.S. Department of State does not permit emailing a scanned photocopy of the DS-2019. While our goal processing time is one week, if your request requires review by OVPR for Export Control compliance, or if the application is incomplete, processing will take longer. 


    Contact  if you have further questions about the visa sponsorship request process.