ISSS Services and Requirements

ISSS provides all advising to your exchange visitor related to immigration matters. We also provide resources for getting a U.S. driver’s license, tax requirements and Social Security Numbers, and we provide programs to support cultural adjustment throughout the year. 

Please refer your exchange visitor directly to ISSS for ALL questions related to J-1 visa program rules. If you are unsure whether an issue or question could have an impact on immigration status, always check with ISSS. 


Required Check In for New Visiting Scholars and Research Students/Interns

Upon arrival, your exchange visitor must visit ISSS to submit arrival documents and sign up for orientation. Please make sure they do this within 3 days after arriving at UConn. Failure to complete the new scholar/research student check in can result in the cancellation of your exchange visitor’s immigration records. New exchange visitors may visit ISSS to submit arrival documents on Mondays and Thursdays between 2:00 and 4:00 pm for new scholar/research student check-in.  


Orientation for New Visiting Scholars and Research Students/Interns

ISSS provides an orientation for all new scholars and research students/interns on the first Friday of each month.  If your exchange visitor is not based at the Storrs campus, they will meet individually with their ISSS advisor at your campus for an orientation meeting. 


Advising Services

Visiting scholars and research students/interns may seek counseling from ISSS advisors during Drop-In Advising hours or by taking an appointment with their designated ISSS advisor. ISSS Advisors are assigned to work with scholars based on the School/College hosting the visitor. Academic faculty and user admins may also contact the assigned ISSS advisor with further questions related to their visiting scholars. 


Cultural Support, Programs and Services

Visiting scholars are encouraged to participate in the programs and services offered at ISSS throughout the year. These include monthly coffee hours, day trips to local attractions, and workshops on U.S. life and culture. 

ISSS also helps visiting scholars manage legal procedures like getting a U.S. driver’s license, applying for a SSN and filing taxes