Request Extension: J-1 Exchange Visitor

Program Extension for J-1 Visiting Scholars

Departments who wish to extend the exchange program for a visiting scholar you are hosting must submit the necessary extension request documents to International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) no later than one month before the end date of your exchange visitor’s DS-2019. After the program end date listed on the current DS-2019, an extension is no longer possible.

Changing Positions: If you are requesting to extend the Form DS-2019 for a scholar who is currently at UConn, but starting a different position, you must verify first with ISSS whether the exchange visitor will actually be able to extend their program based on this change. An exchange visitor’s program objective must be consistent throughout their entire stay, so changing positions may not be possible.

Paid Positions to Gratis Appointments: Your exchange visitor may not change from a paid position to a gratis appointment for the same position.


What to Submit:

Submit in person or via email to , at least one month before DS-2019 program end date:

  1. Completed J-1 Visiting Scholar Extension Request Form ISSS 915  – completed by the Faculty Sponsor and the Exchange Visitor
  2. J-1/J-2 Exchange Visitor Medical Insurance Requirements Form  – completed by the exchange visitor.
  3. Updated, signed UConn offer letter, indicating the extended program dates.
  4. If full funding is not provided by UConn, evidence of your exchange visitor’s ability to meet estimated expenses for the duration of the extension. This may include a letter from a scholarship provider or personal financial documents meeting the below criteria:


J-1 Principal Only€ J-1 Principal and J-2 Spouse€ J-1 Principal and one J-2 Child€‚ Married Couple and 2 Children€ƒ‚ Each Additional Child‚
$1,910/month $2,230/month $2,760/month $3930/month $850/month


The financial support documents for self-supported individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • No more than 3 months old;
  • Must be in English (or must be able to identify the account balance, date of balance, bank name and account holder’s information) ;
  • Must indicate specific fund amount;
  • Must be liquid funds (checking and/or savings accounts); and
  • If the support funding is from parents or a family member, please attach letter from him/her stating the willingness to sponsor, amount of funding and the duration of support, along with the sponsor’s bank statement.


ISSS will then determine eligibility for your Exchange Visitor’s program extension. If approved, an International Advisor at ISSS issue an updated Form DS-2019 with the extended completion date within 2 weeks after the submission date.