USCIS Receipt Notice Delays (OPT and other applications)

USCIS Receipt Notice Delays

Many students are reporting delays in receiving a receipt notice after submitting their I-765 to USCIS for the OPT application. If you recently filed an application with USCIS and are experiencing a delay in receiving your receipt notice or the filing fee being processed, please note that this is currently a national trend.

If it has been more than 60 days since filing and you have not received your receipt, you can follow the steps HERE to inquire about your case.

  • Follow step 1 (Ask USCIS for Help) and if that does not work, proceed with step 2 (Submit Request for Case Assistance with the Ombudsman)

We do not recommend that you re-file your application with USCIS unless you are personally advised by an immigration attorney to do so (in which case you must still contact ISSS to obtain the new I-20).

While this is a known issue, we do not know the reason for this, or when circumstances will improve.