Connecticut Travel Advisory Updated


Connecticut’s travel advisory was updated this weekend, which may impact plans for students and visiting scholars traveling to Connecticut from other U.S. or worldwide destinations. Here is an excerpt from the ISSS COVID 19 FAQ, which provides the updated information for travelers:

3. I’m traveling to Connecticut from another U.S. state, or internationally. What are my quarantine requirements? What should I expect at the airport?

The University requires all students living on campus to follow University quarantine rules. Students who live off campus who have on-campus responsibilities must follow university rules for testing before you come to campus. If you live off-campus, but you have on-campus responsibilities starting before January 19, contact SHaW at 860-486-4700 to learn about requirements or accommodations for being on-campus.

Quarantine and arrival rules are established by individual U.S. states. Check the latest rules for travelers to Connecticut, including a very detailed FAQ, on this webpage. Travelers who were present in all U.S. states other than Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey within 10 days prior to arrival to Connecticut, or who were present in any country outside the U.S. within 10 days before arrival,  must complete a travel form (available here), and must either quarantine for 10 days after arrival or submit proof of negative COVID test taken up to 72 hours before, or anytime within that 10 days after arrival, to break quarantine early.  To be exempt from the state of Connecticut self-quarantine requirement, submit a copy of your negative test result to

Question #7 in the FAQ defines quarantine expectations for the state of Connecticut (where you can and cannot go during quarantine). Remember, if you live on campus, you will also be subject to campus self-quarantine requirements.

For more information, contact: ISSS at

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