Tax Filing Information for International Students


As 2020 comes to an end, international students and scholars should review information on tax filing in the U.S.

All non-resident aliens for tax purposes need to fill out at least one form for the IRS (Form 8843), even if you did not work or earn taxable income in the U.S.!

Students and scholars that did work or received a taxable scholarship or fellowship may additionally need to file a U.S. and a CT tax return in 2021.  Tax returns need to be filed between February and April 15.  ISSS will share information about how you can file your taxes either by participating in a free UConn VITA workshop or by using Sprintax software with a free code from ISSS.

Review the general tax information for international students and scholars here, including tax documents, tax treaties, income tax filing and more.

For more information, contact: ISSS at

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