Message for returning international students


We want to share with you important information related to the recent announcement about the spring 2022 semester starting online. This message is for students who are returning to UConn and have active I-20 or DS-2019 forms. Please read carefully, and send us your questions.

Arrival Date for students who live off-campus:

International students who are returning to UConn and live off campus have flexibility to arrive when you like, as long as you arrive by January 30 to begin classes in person on January 31.  Arriving after January 18 carries some risk; see more below.

Students who live on-campus

The University has delayed move-in for most on campus students until January 29-30.  We know that international students may have already purchased flight tickets to move in based on the original schedule, or may not have another place to stay in the U.S. 

  • January 15 or 16th, with approval from Res Life  
  • You may also delay your arrival to move in on January 29 or 30. Delaying your arrival also carries risk; see more below. If you do not submit the early arrival request form by January 6, UConn Residential Life will presume you are moving in January 29 or 30. 

What to know if you delay your arrival

  • You must be able to participate in your coursework online from your location. If time zone differences or internet restrictions prevent you from participating fully in your online coursework, you should consider traveling here before classes begin January 18. Please be advised that the UConn VPN may not be available to access courses in China. 
  • If you begin your in-person courses online from your home country, and then you cannot arrive in person to participate due to unexpected reasons (flight cancellations, illness, visa delays, travel lockdowns) you will still owe tuition, even if you cannot complete the course as planned. See the refund schedule for course tuition
  • Graduate students who will arrive after January 18 (or after January 5, if a Graduate Assistant) need approval from The Graduate School, and your Graduate Assistant supervisor, should you have a GA. The late arrival request form can be found under the “Account & Forms” area of your Application Status Portal for new students, and on this website for returning students. 
  • Due to federal laws, Iranian graduate students may only participate in courses online while outside the U.S. under limited circumstances. If you are an Iranian graduate student who cannot arrive before January 18th, your case must be reviewed by the appropriate offices at UConn. 

Returning from travel abroad

Returning students arriving from abroad need to carry their passport, unexpired F or J visa, and I-20 or DS-2019 with a recent travel signature from ISSS (signed within the last 12 months). You can find your I-20 or DS-2019 form in your ISSS Portal account by logging in to and click on your Academic Objective record, listed under the term/year that you started your program. Find your scanned I-20 copies under "Attached Documents". Check the date of your last travel signature on page 2, and if you need a new one, submit a Travel Information Record . You must download, print and sign your I-20 or DS-2019 to have with you at immigration. 

Students who will delay their arrival until January 29/30 can carry a spring 2022 travel letter in your carry-on luggage, in case you are asked to document why you are arriving late.  

We know that you still may have many questions. If you need help please contact or make an appointment with your ISSS advisor