Important Travel Updates


Entry Restrictions for foreign national travelers

The Biden administration will reinstate the orders to restrict entry of travelers who were in Brazil, UK, Ireland and Schengen Area countries of Europe within 14 days before arriving to U.S., and add South Africa to the list of countries from which travel will be restricted.

Official orders to this effect have not yet been published, and it is still unclear whether students and exchange visitors who will travel from any of these regions will qualify for national interest exceptions for academic related travel. ISSS will update you as we learn more.

 Update: The proclamation was published and can be read here: 

Also, Department of State have confirmed informally that the National Interest Exception that allowed F-1 students to travel from Europe, UK and Ireland automatically, and visiting scholars with J-1 visa by written approval, will remain in effect. The Department of State website lists up to date information, here.

Testing and Arrival Requirements

Starting tomorrow, January 26, COVID-19 testing will be required to board all international flights to the U.S. More information about this requirement, including an FAQ, can be found on the CDC website here:

The CDC has also updated their federal (U.S.) guidelines for returning to the U.S. from international travel:

Remember, there are still state arrival requirements and also University arrival requirements (for students who will enage in on-campus activity) that may differ from the U.S. federal arrival requirements.



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