Proclamation Ending Discriminatory Bans on Entry

On January 20, 2021 President Biden revoked prior executive orders and proclamations that were imposed by President Trump, which had banned visa processing for travelers and immigrants coming from a number of primarily Muslim, then African, countries. The full proclamation rescinding these orders can be read here. The new proclamation also orders a review of visa applications currently pending that were affected by the prior orders, and applications that were previously denied on the basis of the prior orders.

While the executive orders imposed under Trump did not, in the end, directly affect most student visa processing, they created fear and uncertainty for our international students and sent an unwelcoming, xenophobic message to the world. They also prevented our students and exchange visitors from seeing family members whose travel plans were impacted by the orders. We are elated that these orders have been rescinded, and happy to step into 2021 on a more positive note.

Please note that the orders revoked in this Proclamation do not include those orders implemented after COVID-19, that prevent foreign nationals from entering the U.S. after traveling from certain specified countries (presently Brazil, China, Iran, Ireland and UK, and Schengen Area countries of Europe).

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