Notice from Chinese Embassy Regarding Boarding Requirements to Fly to China


Dear international students and scholars,


For students and scholars who have a home residence in China, we would like to bring your attention to a recent announcement from the Chinese embassy regarding boarding requirements and testing procedures effective November 6, if you will be flying to China.


The new procedures can be found here:


We know that this may make it more difficult for students and scholars who were planning to travel home for the winter break. Please reach out to ISSS if you have any specific needs that arise from this change and we will work to help you find a solution.


For students and scholars who decide to and are able to depart before this new rule is effective, remember that you do not have to get a travel signature from ISSS before you leave. Just be sure to report your travel to ISSS when convenient to do so, and we will make sure that you have access to a travel signature for your return to the U.S.



We recommend that you contact the Chinese consulate in New York and/or your airline, if you have questions about the specific policy or travel plans.