ISSS Student Advisory Board (ISAB)

The ISSS Student Advisory Board was created to build relationships and foster improved communication between international students, ISSS and the University community. Student members are selected from a variety of academic programs and backgrounds and serve as a voice for the international student community on matters related to the international student experience. This is a great volunteer leadership opportunity for UConn students who are interested in helping fellow international students at UConn through their liaison role with ISSS.

Student members are expected to:

  • Commit to a three semester term (exceptions made for students enrolled in shorter programs or who will graduate before three semesters is over)
  • Attend ISAB meetings twice per semester
  • Help to fulfill ISAB communications objectives
  • Maintain involvement throughout the semester in a peer ambassador role for international students on campus

Apply to Serve on the ISAB

Current ISAB Members