Author: Galinat, Arthur

ISSS Thanksgiving Luncheon Photos

Group of International Students and what they are thankful for International Student Thankful for Newborn

Last Tuesday, ISSS welcomed dozens of international students to our Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon! ISSS staff served some traditional Thanksgiving foods like turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce to hungry students in celebration of the U.S. holiday. For some it was their first Thanksgiving in the U.S.!

Students shared what they are thankful for this holiday season and took photos. ISSS staff is thankful for all of our amazing and inspiring international students! We hope you have a wonderful break!

ISSS Thanksgiving Meal

ISSS Election Results

ISSS Election Results

International students and scholars had a chance to voice their opinion on who should be the next U.S. president with a mock ballot box at the ISSS Front Desk. While turnout was low, the results may surprise you! The winner, with 15 votes, went to republican nominee Donald Trump. He was followed close behind by democratic candidate Hillary Clinton (12) votes. Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and Jill Stein (Green Party) each got one vote. And finally, the following candidates each got a “write-in” vote: Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and our own Arthur Galinat! Thanks to those who participated!