UConn Visa Compliance Fee Information

The University of Connecticut has approved a new student fee for eligible active UConn students on F-1 and J-1 visas.

When will the Visa Compliance Fee be applied?

To accurately capture which students have enrolled, the fee will be applied to bills in two batches. The first batch of  students will receive the Visa Compliance Fee on their bill the week of 7/10/2017, and the second batch of students will be charged on the 11th day of Fall semester, 9/11/2017. All students will receive an email notification once the fee has been applied to their bill.

What expenses will the Visa Compliance Fee cover?

This fee will cover expenses associated with the University’s sponsorship of F and J visas for international students. It is not a government fee, or a fee tied to your individual visa application. For international students to study on a student visa, the University must sponsor your visa. This means UConn is responsible for maintaining your SEVIS immigration record, assessing and processing your applications for immigration benefits, providing advising to help you maintain your immigration status while supporting your academic and career goals, and reporting regularly to the U.S. government on the status of your visa. This requires adequate staffing, resources, and professional training, which will be met through the Visa Compliance Fee.

What benefits will I receive from the Visa Compliance Fee?

Direct benefits of the fee to international students include:

-Increased advising immigration support staff to meet your immigration processing and advising needs.

-Full-time international advisors based at the UConn Stamford campus and in Hartford to serve the new UConn Hartford campus, Graduate Business Learning Center and School of Law.

-The ability to continue providing walk-in advising services at the Storrs campus.

-Improved application processing time.

-Improved email response time.

-Improved application services, including web-based applications.

The $350 fee is charged as part of the required University tuition and fees for each semester that a student is enrolled, Fall and Spring terms only. Students who have been charged the fee but will not enroll in the next semester will have the charge removed after day 10 of the next semester. Payment for the Visa Compliance Fee will be due on October 15 for the Fall 2017 semester (Spring semester payment deadline TBD).


Who should I contact with questions about the Visa Compliance Fee?

Please contact the Bursar with any billing related questions at bursar@uconn.edu. Contact ISSS with any further questions at international@uconn.edu.

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