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About #UConnGlobalAtHome

The COVID-19 pandemic is an historic global event that is inflicting pain to individuals, families, communities and countries. Economies are frozen as businesses close. Schools and universities have moved to remote instruction. Social distancing is the prescription that keeps the virus from spreading. And, while no one has been left untouched by the pandemic, UConn’s international students and visiting scholars are impacted especially hard. You have been forced to shelter in place – in most circumstances, in your home away from home.

UConn’s Office of Global Affairs is pleased to announce an additional opportunity for international students, visiting scholars and students that were studying abroad, and abruptly had to return back to the U.S., to connect virtually.  #UConnGlobalAtHome supports cross-cultural communication and a sense of common humanity during this difficult time. We celebrate being part of UConn Nation regardless of where presently located.  

Each week, participants sign-up to engage in a range of live virtual activities, such as dance lessons, cooking demonstrations and forum discussions, led by classmates and visiting scholars who are looking to share what being part of a global community at home means to them. International scholars are also holding “virtual office hours” to serve as mentors for international students who are looking for additional connection during this period of social isolation.  

Have fun, engage with others and discover a new talent in the safety of your home!