Worldfest 2019: Worldfest Goes Green!

Saturday, November 2, 2019

1:00-4:00 p.m.

Student Union Ballroom

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WHUS Story on WorldFest 2015

WorldFest 2015 Celebrates Global Diversity, Multiculturalism at UConn

By: Reid DiRenzo & Jennifer Jaramillo

Students, families and local community members gathered at the University of Connecticut on Sunday to experience the diverse cultural organizations offered on campus. Many students and members were adorned in traditional cultural attire, and booths were lined up all around Rome Ballroom to highlight different artifacts, history and food.

Many participants in WorldFest expressed the importance of both learning about various cultures and reaching an understanding between other groups.

“We are all human from different parts of the world. We are wearing different clothes, but a majority of people all around the world have the same way of thinking they are kind and they want peace.”

That’s President of the Iranian Cultural Organization at UConn Reza Amin, a Ph.D. student who came to the U.S. in 2013. He says the group wanted to participate in WorldFest this year to counter the negative light in which he thinks Iranian culture is often portrayed.

“Since I came here I realized that people that many people don’t realize where Iran is geographically located, how the people look like, how the music sounds, how people write for example.”

The Bangladeshi Student Association was also featured at WorldFest and members performed a traditional Bengali song.

“We are you know very prideful in our own culture but we also really want to know about other cultural organization and respect other cultural organizations in the way that other respect us and I think that mutual respect is really important.”

That’s Rubayet Lasker, a member of the Bangladeshi Student Association at UConn, who was stationed at the organization’s booth to provide guests with information about show artifacts. Here’s Fariha Rashid, also from the Bangladeshi Student Association.

“It is a way to showcase my culture because you can see what I am when you look at me you don’t know what it means or where I come from. All these artifacts are things from my living room that my parents collect, things are really significant to me and it is important to share with the student community.”

Bangladeshi Student Association Member Shanjida Jui said "We are performing a Bengali song 'Modhu Maloti.'" (Photo By: Santiago Pelaez) Many other organizations put together a performance showcasing traditional dances, music and chants.
Bangladeshi Student Association Member Shanjida Jui said "We are performing a Bengali song 'Modhu Maloti.'" (Photo By: Santiago Pelaez) Many other organizations put together a performance showcasing traditional dances, music and chants.

Sounds of traditional culture filled the air from the drum beats and chants from UConn Taiko. UConn Taiko President Timothy Siu says Taiko is a traditional form of Japanese drumming modernized for performances.

Representatives from Education Abroad were also in attendance to give interested students information on the different opportunities UConn offers to study abroad. One representative was UConn senior Franklin Bravo who studied abroad in London.

“Having lived in Europe for three in a half months and being Ecuadorian and having that different side of me it a good way to spread my enthusiasm for traveling diversity to other students and expand my own knowledge about the diversity on this campus.”

UConn Worldfest is an annual event to celebrate the University’s international community and raise awareness of the many cultures, traditions and talents of our students and scholars. Join us for this fabulous event where you can watch performances, meet students, learn about opportunities for global engagement, and show your support for our diverse community!

This year, Worldfest Goes Green! We have suggested that booths focus on global efforts and approaches to environmental sustainability! Sponsored by International Student and Scholar Services and the Worldfest Planning Committee.

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Worldfest Planning Committee

Leslie Lawrence Leslie Lawrence, Worldfest Committee Chair

I love being a part of Worldfest because it is such a great way to learn about all of the different countries and cultures that UConn students, faculty and staff represent. It is such an important event to both connect with students and people from all over the world and to show our community that we support and value our international, multicultural, and multinational students.

Amina Kader I wanted to be a part of Worldfest because it’s such an amazing event that brings so many different parts of the community together. In my role as an international advisor, I get to work with students from all over the world and love to see them showcase their cultures. This is my first year being on the committee and I’m very excited to be behind the scenes of Worldfest.
Cinnamon Adams Learning more about and celebrating the world that we all live is so exciting! In my role at UConn, I work directly with graduate students and postdoctoral research associates. I get to work with people from various cultures and countries and look forward to celebrating them all at Worldfest. I work directly with the Photo Contest Committee. The photo context is new this year and we look forward to showcasing hometowns from around the world.
Libby Novak I am an International Services Specialist here at ISSS and this is my second year being on the Worldfest Committee. My role on the committee is to manage the coordination of booths and performances at Worldfest. I love being a part of Worldfest because it allows students at UConn as well as community members to connect and learn about different cultures throughout the world.
Terra Zuidema I am the Chairwoman of the Logistics/Theme Coordination Subcommittee. This is my first year being involved in Worldfest and I've already met so many wonderful people that are on the planning committee for this event. I'm excited to be part of this event and to have the opportunity to support and learn about the many cultures that make up the UConn community. Each of the cultures and students participating in Worldfest has a special gift to share that will enrich the lives of all that are present.
Deepa Shukla Deepa Shukla, Logistics/Theme Coordination Committee & Ph.D. Candidate in Material Science.

I am excited being a part of Worldfest 2019 planning committee because it’s one of the most diverse event on campus. I have attended previous ISSS Worldfest and learned a lot about the culture throughout the world. It is a great pleasure to work with the amazing people of ISSS for the great event they pull up every year and co-ordinate with UConn faculty, staff and student communities.

deepa shukla
Zongqi Wang (Angela) Zongqi Wang (Angela), Worldfest Marketing and Promotions committee.

I am so grateful to be involved in planning Worldfest because I believe that, especially in this age, it is very important to have global awareness and appreciation of others. Worldfest is an event that will foster that international inclusiveness, and I am very grateful about contributing to making this event successful.

Yasmine Taha My name is Yasmine Taha, and I'm a second year Higher Education and Student Affairs graduate student. This is my first year helping out with Worldfest, and I'm excited to help lead the marketing/technical committee. I hope to learn more about all the different cultures that make UConn such a diverse and rich community!
Dongqing (Mattia) Wang I am Dongqing Wang. On of the subcommittee of Engagement. This is my first year to be part of the Worldfest and it is amazing. The Worldfest is a great chance for me to learn more about different culture around the world and meet members from different culture. I am glad to get involved and work with the amazing Worldfest people. dongqing wang
Kaustubh Prabhu First year Master's student at CSE department. WorldFest seems like a interesting opportunity to meet new people, learn new cultures and help myself get experience in organising large scale events.
Lal Erol Lal Erol, Marketing/Technical subcommittee.

I'm glad to get involved in Worldfest planning committee because I met so many people from all around the world. Being a business major, this experience taught me so much networking, marketing, and organizing and I had the chance to practice for future events, hopefully in my business career.

Mohsina Rahman 1st Year PhD Candidate in Department of Pharmaceutics. I was astounded by the diversity of cultures at UConn from the very first moment I stepped foot in the campus. As a first year graduate student, I feel like I could learn a great deal about the different cultures by getting involved with Worldfest. This provides me with a great opportunity to get to know my fellow international students and to work with the ISSS officials. I am excited to see all the sights and colors from different countries brought together under the banner of UConn. I believe Worldfest will be an amazing experience for me.
Nidhi Nair I am an international freshman student from India! I’m majoring in Economics and Statistics, with a minor in Mathematics. I am a part of the Participants subcommittee of Worldfest and I am going to help MC the event.I wanted to get involved in Worldfest because I think it is important to respect and value the cultures of people around us. I also wanted to meet other motivated International students and get to know more about their backgrounds. I’m excited to help organize a spectacular Worldfest this year!


Rafia Haseeb In this time of Globalization, knowing the various culture and tradition of the world is my desire. I have been an active participant and planning member of various fests of my university in India, and now i want to enrich myself with the cultures of the world, by being an essential part of the world fest committee; contributing my experience and learning new ones. I will be starting my graduate school next year in project management after completing my majors in general studies, and beginning my small practical learning from this fest will be the best thing for me. COME TOGETHER, CELEBRATE TOGETHERNESS!!!
Qingya (Kea) Yang My name is Qingya (Kea) Yang, a senior with a double major in Economics and Accounting. I am a person who loves to meet and communicate with different people, and I appreciate how WorldFest provides such a great opportunity for both domestic and international students to share cultural diversity at UConn. This year, I am proud to be part of the 2019 WorldFest Planning Committee to contribute my efforts to help more international students to get involved on campus. I can't wait to meet you all!
Tianyin (Skyine) Shang I am Tianyin Shang and I am on the 2019 Worldfest planning committee. It is a great pleasure to join the Worldfest and I can't wait to meet people from different countries and cultures around the campus. I am grateful to contribute to get the students connected, raise international inclusiveness, help them learn other traditions, as well as make the international students a better community.
Yuxin Zhou I’m Yuxin Zhou, a junior this year at UConn and my major is Linguistics/Psychology. As an international student, I’ve realized the diversity of our UConn community and I’m also a person who enjoys learning about other fascinating cultures and languages. I’m so grateful and excited to be a part of Worldfest Committee this year. Worldfest has provided such an excellent platform for students with different backgrounds to show themselves, give them chances to connect with each other and learn a lot at the same time.
Zicheng (Alex) Wang Zicheng Wang, majoring in Economics. I'm very excited to be a member of the Worldfest Planning Committee. Getting involved with people from different nations is a great college experience for me. I always believe that the multicultural environment promotes global awareness and understanding of others. It is amazing to be part of the committee!