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Fall 2021 Study Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

Students, visiting scholars and academic programs can review frequently asked questions related to Fall 2021 and COVID-19, here.

Visa Rules for Fall 2021

Students can find ISSS guidelines here, regarding fall 2021 and how study plans could impact your visa status. Updated 4/5/21.

Report Fall 2021 Study Plan

ISSS would like all students on F and J visas to report their intended study plan for fall 2021. Undergraduates, please submit by May 24. Graduate students, please submit by June 15. Report your study plan here.  

Fall 2021 Travel Letter

Students and exchange visitors may use this letter to document the school's intended operational plan for fall 2021. Show this letter, if asked, at your U.S. visa appointment or arrival processing.

Spring 2021 Online Study Policies

Current students enrolled students in the U.S. as of March 9, 2020

Students who were enrolled in a U.S. academic program on March 9, 2020 and have continued to maintain F-1 visa status may study fully online and remain in the U.S. Also, if you are studying full time from your home country, ISSS may keep your SEVIS record active while you are gone, even if your total absence exceeds 5 months. 

    Current students who arrived after March 9, 2020

    International students who arrived in the U.S. to begin your program after March 9, 2020 were required to take at least one in-person or hybrid course during Fall 2020 as part of your full-time enrollment. In Spring 2021, this requirement continues, and you must have at least one in-person or hybrid course as part of your Spring 2021 full time course load.  

      New students who will arrive Spring 2021

      Students who will travel to the U.S. to begin a program for Spring 2021 must have at least one in-person or hybrid course as part of your full-time enrollment. 

        Special Situations

        • Former students returning on an initial attendance I-20: Students who were present and enrolled in a program of study on March 9, 2020, but who have not maintained continuous F-1 status, and will return to the U.S. on an I-20 issued for initial attendance, should enroll in at least one in-person or hybrid course if returning to the United States for Spring 2021 semester.  
        • SEVIS Transfer and Change Education Level Students: Students who are new to their UConn program for Spring 2021, but were in the U.S. on March 9, 2020 studying at another institution, or in a different UConn program, and have continued their F-1 status through the SEVIS Transfer process or Change Education Level process may study fully online while in the U.S.
        • Change of Visa Status Students: Students who are requesting a change of visa status to F-1 with an I-20 start date of Spring 2021 or earlier should enroll in at least one in-person or hybrid course as part of your full-time enrollment. While this situation is not directly addressed in the government guidance, we suggest you follow this, even if you were present and enrolled at a U.S. institution in another visa status on March 9, 2020.
        • J-1 Visa Students: If you are in the U.S. on a J-1 student visa for study, we anticipate the same rules will apply as noted above. We are still awaiting official guidance from the Department of State on this matter, but in past semesters the Department of State has mirrored the guidance for F-1 students.
        • First two weeks of semester are fully online: The University will hold all classes online during the first two weeks of Spring semester. You will be allowed to take these courses online, even if you are otherwise required to take at least one in-person or hybrid course.

          Spring 2021 International Student Forms

          Spring 2021 Active Student Check In

          • Link to form:  Spring 2021 Active Student Check In 
          • Who completes this form:
            • All current international students who will enroll at UConn in Spring 2021 semester, inside or outside the U.S.
            • Incoming international students with I-20 forms valid for Fall 2021 start term, who will enroll at UConn in Spring 2021 semester from their home countries.
          • Deadline to complete: As soon as possible, no later than January 19.

          Submit Arrival Documents

          • Link to form: Submit Arrival Documents
          • Who completes this form:
            • New international students with I-20 forms valid for Spring 2021 start term, who travel to, or are already in, the United States. This is how you formally report your arrival to ISSS, which is a requirement of your student visa.
          • Deadline to complete: January 19. Graduate students who are approved by the Graduate School to arrive late may submit as soon as you can, after you arrive to the U.S.

          Request I-20 Form

          • Link to form: Request I-20 or DS-2019 Form (Students)
          • Who completes this form:
            • Incoming international students who do not yet have an I-20 form or DS-2019 issued by ISSS for your arrival. If you already have an I-20 and just need the start date updated, do not use this form.
            • Students who have never had an I-20 from ISSS and are not currently studying at UConn from your home country should select I-20 Request Option 1.
            • Current UConn students who are studying in your  home country, but still need an I-20 from ISSS should select option 2, for current or returning students.
          • Deadline to complete: For students who expect to arrive Spring 2021, December 19 or as soon as possible. For students who will begin Fall 2021, at your earliest convenience.

          Spring 2021 ISSS Travel Letter

          • ISSS has prepared a letter confirming the University's operational mode for Spring semester (mixture of in person and online courses).
          • If you are a new student going to a visa interview, you may download this letter for your visa appointment or for travel to the U.S. This letter, together with a print out of your course enrollment, can demonstrate that you are coming for in-person coursework. ISSS will not be updating the form I-20 for individual students to confirm this information. 
          • Show this letter only if you are asked about your school's operational model for Spring 2021 semester. 

          Students on Post-completion OPT, Academic Training and Visiting Scholars

          Students on OPT and Academic Training, and continuing Visiting Scholars do not complete any special reporting forms; instead please follow instructions to update your address to report any changes in your location to ISSS. Remember, you must report to ISSS any address changes within 10 days after moving.

          All students on OPT must continue to meet OPT reporting requirements .

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