Career Development

CPT and OPT Workshops

ISSS offers a series of virtual workshops to help you learn more about the practical training options for F-1 students. You must attend a workshop before you can apply for that employment benefit.  You must attend the entire workshop to gain credit for attending that workshop. 

ISSS offers the following three practical training workshops. Be sure to attend the workshop relevant to your application:

Post-Completion OPT Workshop– for F-1 students who will soon graduate and apply for Optional Practical Training work authorization to work in the U.S. after graduation, or in the final stages of your thesis/dissertation.  

CPT and Pre-Completion OPT Workshop – For F-1 students who want to work or intern off-campus while you are still an active student, or who are enrolled in degree programs with clinical placements or other practical training at off-campus locations (paid or unpaid). 

STEM OPT Extension Workshop – for F-1 students who are already on post-completion OPT, and who are preparing to submit an application for STEM OPT Extension. Currently enrolled students who are in STEM majors should attend the regular Post-Completion OPT Workshop for their initial OPT application. 

Students who are not yet ready to apply for practical training may also attend the workshops of their choice, if they are interested to learn more about options for future planning. 

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