Hongyu Wang

ISSS Graduate Student Intern

Everyone so glad to meet you all. I’m Hongyu Wang you can call me Tiny. I’m a student at the school counselor program entering my 2nd year. It’s an honor to participate in ISAB. As international students, it’s great to have our voices heard and our ideas referred to. I hope I can contribute to help more international students. As a school counselor, I focus more on the mental health of students, which I think is a very important part. Being in a completely different culture and unfamiliar place, the challenges you face are not only physical but also psychological. So here I am, if you need someone to listen or just need someone to support you, I am more than willing to be that person. In my spare time, I also really enjoy cooking. In my opinion, the process of cooking is the process of magic, the choice of different ingredients, the wonderful reaction of different spices, the final result is unknowable, and cooking gives me a sense of anticipation and surprise (Of course sometimes I also experienced the taste of failure). I hope that in the new year, we will have a point of heat, a point of light. Like fireflies can also send a little light in the dark, do not have to wait for the torch fire.

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