On Campus Resources

Academic Resources

Course Resources/Class Professor

  1. Office Hours – Take advantage of your professor’s office hours if you have questions about the course. If you are struggling, visit your professor multiple times during office hours. Bring your homework, bring your exams, and be ready to discuss your challenges with the course.  If you got the answer wrong on a test, and you cannot understand why, ask your professor.  Ask what you can do differently when studying.  Ask how/what to study going forward. If you cannot attend during office hours email your professor and ask for a special appointment or email your professor with your questions or concerns.
  2. Record Lectures – Ask your professor if you can record the lecture so that you can listen to the class as you review your notes.
  3. Study Group – Look for students in your class studying together and ask to join. Ask your professor to recommend a study group.  Invite the people who sit next to you to create a study group with you. Studying with friends WILL help you to perform better in class.
  4. Start Early – If you know what courses you will be taking next semester, ask the professor if you can have a copy of the syllabus. If you have time during the break, it may be helpful for you to start some of the reading before the class begins to get a better understanding of the material at your own pace.

Support Centers – Tutoring

  1. Academic Achievement Center – Exam Prep, Time Management, Study Skills, Note-Taking achieve.uconn.edu *Walk-In Support
  2. Q Center – Peer Tutoring, review sessions and learning tools. Support for “Q” courses Math, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics qcenter.uconn.edu *Walk-In Support *Review Sessions *Downloads * YouTube Channel
  3. Q Center HARTFORD – Peer Tutoring, review sessions and learning tools. Support for “Q” courses Math, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics qcenter.hartford.uconn.edu *Walk-In Support *Review Sessions *Downloads * YouTube Channel
  4. Writing Center – Peer Tutoring, Workshops (ESL Grammar and Styles of Writing)
    writingcenter.uconn.edu *Walk-In if available
  5. The Source for Active Learning (STAMFORD CAMPUS) Q Center, Writing Center and support services for Stamford Campus students.
  6. The Academic Center (AVERY POINT CAMPUS) Q Center, Writing Center and tutoring services for Avery Point Campus students.

Free Academic Tutoring

  1. Chemistry Tutoring – TAs on duty every day from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. in Chemistry A-301 help with CHEM 1122Q, 1124Q, 1126Q, 1127Q, 1128Q or 2241. Chemistry Department Tutoring Options
  1. Economics Tutoring - OAK Hall 312, for help with ECON 1000, 1200, 1201, 1202, 2201 & 2202 http://econ.uconn.edu/tutoring/
  1. Engineering Tutoring – Peer Tutoring for Undergraduate Students tutoring@engr.uconn.eduhttp://undergrad.engr.uconn.edu/advising/tutoring/ *Walk-In Support
  1. Language Tutoring – Peer Tutoring in Spanish Chinese French Italian Arabic German. Call 860-486-3313 for schedule or visit Oak Hall East Room 207.
  2. Physics Learning Resource Center – Tutoring and Help with homework. *Walk-In Support physics.uconn.edu/learning-resource-center
  3. Statistics Tutoring Schedule –All tutoring held in AUST 340 for help with STATS 1000, 1100,2215, 3025, 3345, 3375, 3115, 3515 http://stat.uconn.edu/tutoring-schedule/

Paid Academic Private Tutoring

  1. Chemistry Paid Tutors – List of paid tutors is available in Chemistry Main Office (A100).
  2. Math, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics Paid Tutors - http://qcenter.uconn.edu/private-tutors/
  3. Contact your individual professors for recommendations.

Other Academic Resources (Undergraduate & Graduate

  1. Institute for Student Success http://iss.uconn.edu/
  2. Center for Academic Programs http://cap.uconn.edu/
  3. International Student & Scholar Services http://isss.uconn.edu/
  4. Undergraduate Advising http://advising.uconn.edu/

Campus Support and Involvement
Visit http://uconn.edu/campus-life/living-on-campus/ for information about:

  • Living on Campus
  • Campus Health & Safety
  • Arts & Culture
  • Activities & Recreation


  1. On-Campus Housing for Graduate and Undergraduate Students: Residential Life
  2. Off-Campus Housing Storrs Campus (search for apartments, roommates, room for rent etc.): https://offcampushousing.uconn.edu/
  3. Off-Campus Housing Stamford Campus (search for apartments, roommates, room for rent etc.): https://offcampushousing.stamford.uconn.edu/
  4. Support for students/scholars living off-campus: Off-Campus Student Services
  5. Important Information for students/scholars living off-campus: UConn Off-Campus Housing Guide

English Language Support

Storrs Campus:

1 – University of Connecticut American English Language Institute (UCAELI)
ESL classes on the Storrs campus, program includes summer term, full-time and part-time English classes including Business English and evening English classes (EECIS). There is a fee for classes.
Contact: register-ucaeli@uconn.edu or call (860)486-2127

2 -Vernon Regional Adult Basic Education (VRABE)
FREE ESL classes at Mansfield Public Library, E.O. Smith High School & Tolland (Birch Grove Primary School). *Other towns and areas offered as well – check the website below for details.  Classes meet during fall and spring semester. Must bring photo ID with date of birth in order to register.
Contact: Dr. Claudia Nunn, Regional Facilitator, claudia.nunn@vernonct.org, or 860-870-6060 ext.14; or Laurel Leibowitz, 860-870-6750, ext. 215

3 – “Cross-Cultural Connections”
FREE Conversation Partner program administered through Community Outreach. SIGN UP EARLY!!
Contact: uconn.co.ccconnections@gmail.com
You can also visit the website and scroll down the page to view Language & Literacy programs.  See “Cross-Cultural Connections” for more information.

4 -Writing Center (at all UConn campuses)
FREE peer counseling writing tutorials which last up to 45 minutes. Undergraduates may make up to 3 appointments per week. Locations at all campuses.  Storrs Campus - MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!

Avery Point
Hartford Campus
Stamford Campus
Waterbury Campus

Hartford Campus Students:

1 - Hartford Public Library
Classes available year-round at the Downtown, Dwight and Park branches.  Great list of other regional ESL providers too! More information online here: Hartford Public Library

2 - West Hartford Libraries
FREE ESOL classes and English practice groups at the Noah Webster and Faxon Libraries.  More information online here: West Harford Libraries

Stamford Campus Students:

1 - Stamford Public Library
Let's Talk - ESL Conversation Group meets several times a week.  More information online here: The Ferguson Library

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness Coming Soon!

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