Off Campus Resources

Buses, Trains, Rental Cars, Ride Sharing & Transportation

There are many different transportation options for UConn students, faculty and staff.

UConn operates a network of shuttle buses, airport and train station shuttles as well as providing resources for local transportation as well.

ZipCar at UConn - Zipcar "car sharing" service allows you to share a car with the UConn community where you pay by the hour.
Zimride at UConn - Zimride is an online ride-matching service limited to only UConn students, faculty and staff.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Enterprise office in Willimantic offers on campus pick up/drop off.

CT Transit Bus 913 (search for '913') from Storrs > Manchester > Downtown Hartford - Free for students with UPASS!  This hourly bus service runs from 6:00 a.m. until 12:00 a.m. stopping in Manchester at Buckland Hills Mall and Union Station Bus and Train Station in Hartford.

CT Rail Hartford Line (Hartford to New Haven and Springfield, MA)- Free for students with UPASS!

Peter Pan Bus - Daily buses to Hartford, New York and Boston.
Bradley International Airport - Book a shuttle through UConn Transportation or connect with the Bradley Flyer through CT Transit.

UConn Transportation Services – Click on On-Demand for information about the UConn Airport Shuttle or the Shuttle to Union Station Hartford Train/Bus Station.
UConn Transportation Services –Click on Bus Routes for the different free, on-campus Shuttle Services including Purple Line which stop at apartments on Hunting Lodge Rd and Silver Line which stop at Northwood Apts and Storrs Downtown.

Windham Region Transit District (WRTD) - The Storrs-Willimantic route runs between UConn and the East Brook Willimantic, CT.  Free for students with UPASS!


Bank of America

Address: 574 Middle Tpke

Postal Code: 06268

City: Storrs Mansfield

CSEA Credit Union

Address: 1244 Storrs Rd, Ste 9

Postal Code: 06268

City: Storrs Mansfield

Phone: 860-429-9306

Liberty Bank

Address: 1132 Storrs Rd, # 1

Postal Code: 06268

City: Storrs Mansfield

Phone: 860-429-5121

Fax: 860-429-6882

First Niagara

Address: 596 Middle Tpke

Postal Code: 06268

City: Storrs Mansfield

Phone: 860-487-7025

Fax: 860-487-7030

People’s United Bank

Address: 1244 Storrs Rd

Postal Code: 06268

City: Storrs Mansfield

Phone: 860-487-5030

People’s United Bank

Address: 2065 Hillside Rd

Postal Code: 06268

City: Storrs Mansfield

Phone: 860-487-2055


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Off-Campus Housing and Services

  1. Off-Campus Housing Storrs & Hartford Campuses (search for apartments, roommates, room for rent etc.):
  2. Off-Campus Housing Stamford Campus (search for apartments, roommates, room for rent etc.):
  3. Support for students/scholars living off-campus: Off-Campus Student Services
  4. Important Information for students/scholars living off-campus: UConn Off-Campus Housing Guide

Schooling and Childcare

Child- care and Camp Information for International Students and Scholars with Children

Child-care centers, “daycare” centers and pre-schools are established settings that, in Connecticut, are strictly regulated by the Connecticut Department of Public Health. While there are many day care centers and preschools near the University at Connecticut, admission to a day care center may require a waiting period and/or can be very costly. As a result, most students and scholars find it helpful to postpone the arrival of their dependents until after arrangements for housing and child-care have been made.

What is child-care like in the State of Connecticut?

  • In Connecticut, child or day care centers are established settings that are strictly regulated by the state.  (Please take note: it is important that you research and check the credentials of child-care providers.)
  • The State of Connecticut assumes responsibility for monitoring the total number of children enrolled, provider-to-child ratios, and compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • The state also establishes guidelines for the educational credentials of the staff and requires pre-approval of educational program content.
  • Child-care centers that care for large groups of children (more than 15) are required to separate the children by age groups.
  • Child-care centers have set hours of service, payment and staffing, as well as routines for play and nutrition.
  • In most cases, you will be asked to sign a legal, binding document that states you understand your financial responsibilities and parental obligations.

Does the University of Connecticut offer child-care?

The University of Connecticut does not offer child-care.  With that said, the University of Connecticut Child Development Laboratories (CDL) serves the department of Human Development and Family Studies, the University, the community and the state as a model demonstration laboratory center. The primary purpose of the CDL is to teach university students to work with young children and to provide a site for research in the field of child development.

How can I find other child-care options near my home or near the University of Connecticut?

To find other options for child-care near the University of Connecticut, visit the University of Connecticut Childcare Resources website for detailed information about babysitters and nannies, child-care, admission, rates, and hours of programs in the surrounding area.  You may also visit Google and search for “Child Care Storrs, Connecticut”. Your search will return a number of child-care centers near the University of Connecticut.
2-1-1 Child Care (a United Way service) assists in locating Connecticut child-care providers and the tools necessary to make informed child-care decisions.

What are some tips for choosing child-care?

If your child will attend a pre-school, child-care center or even a kindergarten program, the National Association for the Education of Young Children suggests that you look for signs that your child will be in a healthy child-care center environment.
For more information on how to select a program that is right for you and your child, review the Connecticut Department of Public Health publication: Parent Guidelines of Choosing a Day Care Program

Is there any financial assistance available to help with the cost of child care?

The University of Connecticut, through an agreement with the Mansfield Discovery Depot, Willow House Preschool and Early Learning Center and the Community Children’s Center, provides a financial subsidy to these centers in return for priority placement of children of University faculty, staff and students and to assist with affordability and quality of care.
Additional information on these centers can be found by accessing their websites at the links below.  When inquiring of possible services at these facilities, inform the center of your University of Connecticut affiliation.

Regional Campus Child Care Information 

Babysitters & Nannies

  • Sittercity – A network of local sitters, including UConn and Eastern Connecticut State University students
  • Care- A service of local babysitters and nannies


Schooling for Children

Public Schooling Information for International Students and Scholars with Children

What age do children attend school in the US?

  • All children between the ages 5-16 are required by law to attend school.
  • Public school education in the U.S. is free for all children age 5 and older.
  • There are also private or religious affiliated schools for which there is a tuition charge.
  • Typically, the school year is from late August to mid-June.

There are basically two types of schools in Storrs and the surrounding areas: public schools, which are free, and private schools, which charge a tuition fee. Some private schools have a religious affiliation. Within the school system there are three levels of education:

  • Elementary School (ages 5-10)
  • Middle or Junior High School (ages 11-13)
  • High School (ages 14-18)

How can I enroll my child / children in public school?

Your child’s school will be determined by where you will live. Please check with the school district or the Town Hall in which you reside to find out how to enroll your dependent children.
Once you know the district, you may view individual web pages for particular schools in Connecticut.  Please refer to the Education Directory at the Connecticut State Department of Education for district information.

How can I enroll my child / children in private school?

Private schools are another option for which the family must apply and pay tuition for each child to attend.  These schools are very competitive and applications must be submitted well in advance of when the child will start classes.
For information about private schools in Connecticut, consult the National Association of Independent Schools

What type of documents should I bring from home that will help when enrolling my child in school?

The requirements to enroll your child(ren) in school vary from district to district so it is best to contact the school individually after your arrival.  However, you should make sure to bring the following documents with you from your home country, as they are generally required to enroll in a new school system.

  • Child’s health records including dates of immunizations.  (Immunizations are the shots/medicine your child has received from a doctor to protect against disease.)  Please see the Connecticut Department of Public Health Immunization Program for more information.
  • Child’s original birth certificate
  • Child’s original and certified English translation of all previous transcripts / grade reports or leaving certificates (which may be useful in securing appropriate placement in a school in the U.S.)
  • Proof of current address (in the United States)
  • Proof of custody
  • Names and phone numbers of three friends or relatives (at least one in the United States) to be called in an emergency if you cannot be reached

* A physical medical examination is also often required before a child may enroll in school.  In most cases, a “physical” performed outside of the United States will not be accepted.  Please refer to the State of Connecticut Department of Education Health Assessment Record  to see what is required.

Are there any additional programs and services available to my school-age children?

During the day most schools, child-care, and after school programs offer a light snack or lunch for a nominal cost.  When researching facilities be sure to ask what the cost of the program includes.
Various community organizations coordinate “after-school” programs for school age children who require care beyond regular school day hours (approximately 7:30a.m. – 3:00 p.m.).  If your children will finish the school day before you return home, you might consider an after-school program. Generally, these services are available to your children, depending upon the school district in which you live, but may carry a fee.
Examples: The Mansfield Community Center offers various services in support of children, youth, and families.  Other possibilities include YMCA , United Way, church / faith groups, etc.

Other useful resources to assist you with living and studying in the U.S.:

U.S. Department of State

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  • CVS (Storrs Downtown - Walking Distance, Storrs Four Corners - WRTD Bus, Willimantic - WRTD Bus)
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