Meet UConn Students

UConn has many opportunities for international students to connect with other UConn students through peer mentorship programs, activities and student clubs and organizations. Contact information is provided in the link for each program - you should contact the organization to learn more or get involved!


ISSS International Graduate Buddy Program The ISSS International Graduate Buddy Program pairs new international graduate students with existing UConn graduate student “buddies.” Buddies may be American or international students and their mission is to help welcome you to campus and participate in at least three campus activities or events during your first term.
Huskies International Huskies International is a UConn student organization with the goal of connecting international undergraduates and exchange students with U.S. undergraduates, and they also coordinate a Huskymates buddy program. 
Cross Cultural Connections Cross Cultural Connections is a program through UConn Community Outreach to pair international students with domestic students as conversation partners, to share cultures and practice English. 
Asian/Asian American Mentoring Program (AMP) AMP is an award winning peer-education program through UConn’s Asian American Cultural Center to help incoming Asian and Asian American students adjust to their first year on campus. 
Global Gateways Program Global Gateways is a program for all students facilitated by the Asian American Cultural Center with the goal of connecting international and domestic students through fun activities and discussions. 
More Peer Mentorship Programs UConn Peer Mentorship programs are available to meet the needs of a variety of student backgrounds and interests.
More UConn Student Clubs and Organizations Search UConn clubs and student organizations by campus and by interest (browse Categories or put in a Keyword search). Reach out ot the club contacts for any clubs you are interested to join!
UKindness UKindness is UConn’s platform to keep students connected and busy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check back for an updated calendar of in-person and virtual events!