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Immigration Attorney List

These lists have been compiled to serve individuals affiliated with the UConn community who seek professional services from immigration lawyers in the area for their own personal matters.  ISSS is providing these lists as a service for the UConn community’s convenience.  The purpose of these lists is not to recommend any specific law firms, and ISSS will not make attorney referrals.

ISSS does not vouch for the capabilities or services of any attorney on these lists.  Individuals are encouraged to review references, practice history and disciplinary history of any attorney before retaining that attorney to perform legal services on behalf of the individual.  Neither ISSS nor the University of Connecticut receives any type of compensation for providing these lists.

If you have immigration concerns related to your UConn employment, please consult with ISSS before contacting any other law firm in order to learn UConn’s policies on visa sponsorship and usage of outside attorneys.

These lists were compiled from a geographic search of attorneys registered with the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) as of September 2010 and will be updated on an annual basis.  ISSS does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on these lists.

Attorney List Avery Point Campus.pdf Attorney List Greater Hartford Campus.pdf Attorney List Stamford Campus.pdf
Attorney List Storrs Campus.pdf   Attorney List Waterbury Campus.pdf