Check-In for International Students and Scholars

New Student Check-In


International students and exchange visitors on F and J visas must check-in with ISSS online after arriving at UConn. After you have checked-in, ISSS will update your SEVIS record to notify the U.S. visa program that you have arrived for your program. If you do not complete ISSS Check-In, you may be in violation of your visa status.

Students and scholars who apply for a U.S. driver’s license, non-drivers identification card or social security number must check-in with ISSS and wait 10 days after check-in before applying for the driver’s license, identification card or social security number.

Student/Exchange Visitor Applicants Privacy Notice:
For information on the University’s privacy policy and how it relates to international students and exchange visitors, please visit here

New students complete check-in online before the first day of classes.  Do not check in before arriving at UConn.

Step One: Update Required Personal Information Fields in Student Admin

Update the following fields in your Student Admin record:

  • Current Local Address (where you are living in the U.S. If you are at a temporary address, like a hotel, list this temporary address)
  • Phone Number (U.S. phone number, or phone number you are using in the U.S.)
  • Email (select Personal)
  • Emergency Contact (name, country, phone, email)

How do I format a U.S. address and telephone number?

Step Two: Print Your Most Recent I-94 Admission Number

When you enter the U.S., U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issues you an I-94 Admission Number. If you arrive by air, your I-94 Admission Number record will be electronic.  If you enter by land/car, your I-94 will be a paper slip attached to your passport. You must submit a copy of your I-94 with your Online Check-In documentation.

Print your I-94 record by visiting the CBP website and selecting “Get Most Recent I-94”.  We recommend that you print a paper copy to keep in your wallet and save a .pdf to upload with your online check-in. If you are at the Storrs campus, the ISSS office has computers where you can print your record.  The I-94 should list your visa classification and the letters D/S in the Admit Until field.

Print Your I-94 Admission Record

If your I-94 cannot be found, try these tips to locate your record. If it still cannot be found, or if your I-94 has errors or is incorrect, you must contact U.S. Customs and Border Protection to correct or locate your record. Visit ISSS during Walk In Advising hours if you have questions.

Step Three: Submit Medical Insurance Confirmation Record in ISSS Portal (J-1 Students Only)

Step Four: Prepare Electronic Copies of Your Immigration Documents

You will need to upload electronic copies of the following documents with your ISSS Online Check In:

  • Passport (with photo, biographical information and expiration date visible)
  • Current F or J visa
  • Entry stamp in your passport – the stamp that the immigration officer places in your passport. This is usually opposite your visa page.
  • Form I-20/DS-2019 used to enter the U.S.
  • I-94 Admission Number record

If your F-2/J-2 dependent family members have accompanied you to the U.S., prepare copies of the same immigration documents for them.

Step Five: Complete Online Check-In

Log in to the ISSS Portal to complete ISSS Check-In.  The first time you log into the portal you may be asked to update personal information in your profile, before proceeding to the check-in form.

New Scholar Check-In

Step One: Print your I-94 Admission Number

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will issue all students an I-94 Admission Number upon entry to the U.S. Students entering by air will pass through Immigration and Passport Control at the airport and be issued an electronic I-94 Admission Number that you need to print for your records. Students entering from Canada or Mexico by land will receive a white paper card stapled inside their passport.   Your I-94 is very important and indicates the Date of Entry, Class of Admission and the Admit Until date.  For all students your I-94 should indicate Class of Admission = J-1 and Admit Until Date = D/S.  If your I-94 is "Not Found" or if the information on your I-94 is incorrect you may need to have your I-94 Admission corrected by CBP (see below).

If your I-94 admission record does not appear or says "Not Found", or if your I-94 has errors or is incorrect, please follow the instructions noted in the link seen below:

You will find more information on how to print out your I-94 admission record on the CBP website.

Step Two: Prepare Check-In Documentation

  1. Passport (with picture, biographic info and expiration date)
  2. Current J-1 Visa
  3. Entry stamp in your passport
  4. Print-out of your automated I-94 admission record*
  5. Form DS-2019 used to enter the U.S.
  6. J-1 Scholars Only:  Medical Insurance Information Form
  7. If your dependents have UConn J-2 visas, Please submit items 2-7 above for your dependents also.

Step Three: Check-In at ISSS or with Department Coordinator

Storrs Campus Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars at the Storrs Campus MUST check-in with ISSS in person during designated check in hours.

Scholars may check in Tuesdays and Fridays, from 2-4 pm.  ISSS is located in McMahon Hall, Room 183

Regional Campus Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars who are based in Hartford, Law School or Stamford should email your ISSS advisor to make an appointment for check-in. If you are based at Avery Point or Waterbury campus, you may check in online through the ISSS Portal. Contact ISSS if you need your ISSS Portal password resent, and follow the instructions for Student Check In above.  Please call ISSS in Storrs if you have any questions.