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ISSS International Student Spotlight: Pauline Batista Souza da Silva, ’16 M.A.

The Olympic Torch
by Pauline Batista Souza da Silva, ’16 M.A.

As we all know, in spite of all controversy this year, the Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A Latin American capital we all know very well through the life stories of Pelé, Tom Jobim, Hollywood, Carmen Miranda and many other sources of the glamour 20th century entertainment brings.

Because eight years ago, me – from the Rio nobody shows in Hollywood (at least from an amicable perspective), a young woman who’s story has drastically changed, joined other 12 thousand Olympic Torch Bearers this summer.

I left the favela when I was 9 years old, moved to Paraty, a very charming town three hours away from Rio where my family has now become financially successful. I have always studied hard. I now have a bachelors degree as well as a masters degree and have already accepted a PhD candidacy offer. Nissan (one of the Olympic Games’ sponsors) found my story quite appealing and decided to make me an Olympic Torch bearer this summer. Precisely on July 27th, I crossed Paraty, bearing the torch and the hope for all of those who come from underrepresented communities in South America and who have ambitious dreams.

UCONN Alumna carrying Olympic Torch
UConn alumna Pauline Batista Souza da Silva carries the torch at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

In Memoriam: Nataliya Plesha

In Memoriam: ISSS remembers our former international student, Nataliya Plesha. We were saddened to hear of her recent passing, and will remember her for her warmth, humor and energy. In 2012, we asked international students to share with us photos that capture an important or significant moment from their life in the United States. Nataliya shared with us this photo from when she won a national award for teaching. She will be greatly missed.

Nataliya Plesha photo


7/1 Changes In The WRTD Bus Pass Program

7/1 Changes In The WRTD Bus Pass Program

Dear UConn students and employees,

Pick up your new passes for the Windham Regional Transit District buses under WRTD’s UConn/Mansfield “Fare Free” program.  Blue passes  for the “WRTD’s UConn/Mansfield “Fare Free” program” from UConn Parking Services expire July 15, 2016. The free passes are available for pickup at the Parking Services Office.  UConn IDs will be required when you pick up your passes.  The passes will be valid for use on the Storrs-Willimantic bus and the Willimantic City bus routes.

Details are as follows:

We’re excited to share some good news with you.

Having been approached with concerns about the changes to the Windham Regional Transit District program, the University has decided to continue the WRTD Free Fare program for the upcoming year.

This reverses the earlier plans under which individuals would have purchased a pass for their WRTD rides. Those who have already purchased a bus pass will be reimbursed.

The free passes are available for pickup at the Parking Services Office.  UConn IDs will be required when you pick up your passes.  The passes will be valid for use on the Storrs-Willimantic bus and the Willimantic City bus routes.

The expired University blue passes will be valid until July 15.  Unfortunately, any yellow pass provided by the Town of Mansfield to students or staff are only valid until June 30, 2016 when the Town’s program expires.

Anyone with questions can contact us at 860-486-1448, or you can send a message to

 Visit for full schedules.

Career Workshops for International Students

The Center for Career Development is presenting two workshops specifically geared towards the international student job search.

Sign up for the workshop online at


Writing your American Résumé

Oak Hall 109

Thursday March 3rd at 4pm

What employers look for on résumés varies across the world. Come learn best practices of writing and editing your first American résumé. We will go over how to structure your résumé, what content to include, and how to strengthen your bullet points.


Navigating the Spring Career Fair as an International Student

Oak Hall 101

Tuesday March 22nd at 4pm

Career Fairs can be overwhelming; arrive prepared by attending this preparation workshop.  You will learn how to approach employers, what to say in your “elevator pitch,” what to wear, as well as tips and strategies for international students.

Bus Trip – The Shoppes @ Buckland Hills Mall (11/07/15)

ISSS Fall Bus Trip to The Shoppes at Buckland Hills Mall
Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015
Departs Storrs: 9:30 AM
Departs Mall: 2:00 PM

Tickets restricted to current UConn students & scholars (and dependents)

First Come First Served Basis — Seating is Limited

Tickets On Sale Now !
Purchase Online with a Credit Card or at ISSS with Cash/Check/Money Order
For More Information Please Visit: