International Women’s Group

Change can be both exciting and disturbing for international students and their families. For new international students, scholars and their spouses adjusting to their new lives in a the USA can be especially challenging. All have left family, friends, and familiar surroundings and many face the difficulties of communicating in a new language. Many have interrupted careers that were a source of pride and stimulation. Sadly many new students, scholars and their spouses can feel isolated and alone.
The International Women’s Group brings international women together to help them meet the challenges of their new life and to make their U.S. experience a rewarding one. At monthly meetings held at the International Center or around the Storrs community, members participate in discussions, demonstrations, plan trips and often share delicious food from many different lands. Trips will also be planned to a variety of interesting places within the Storrs area. Children of all ages and guests are always welcome. Fluency in English is not required. In fact, the meetings offer an opportunity to practice English.
Women’s group meets twice a month. To become a member of the International Women’s Group, please submit the Women’s Group Sign-up form. If you have any questions or concerns about Women’s Group please contact Laurie Tompkins (, or by calling (860) 486-3855. Both international and U.S. women are invited to participate.

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